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Exploring Paradise: 20 Best Things To Do In Sardinia, Italy

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Sardinia, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is a fantastic place with stunning views, old things to see, and a lot of culture. You can find beautiful beaches and old ruins here, and there are things for everyone to enjoy. Check out these 20 great things to do in Sardinia, Italy, for an awesome time.

1. Relax on La Pelosa Beach:

Start your Sardinia trip by chilling on La Pelosa Beach. It has nice white sand and clear water, perfect for swimming and having fun.

2. Enjoy Costa Smeralda:

Find out about Costa Smeralda, also called the “Emerald Coast.” You can see fancy boats, cool shops, and eat at nice restaurants along the pretty coast.

3. Visit the Old Stuff:

Learn about Sardinia’s past by checking out old places. There are big stone things from a long time ago that show what life was like back then.

4. Look at Su Nuraxi di Barumini:

This place is special and part of the world’s history. It has an old tower and things around it that you can look at and imagine how people lived before.

5. Have Fun in Cagliari:

The main city, Cagliari, is cool with old parts and new parts. Go to the old part called Castello, see the big church, and look out from Bastione di Saint Remy.

6. See Neptune’s Grotto:

Take a boat and go to Neptune’s Grotto, a big sea cave with cool shapes. It’s dark inside but looks super cool with all the shapes and the water around it.

7. Taste Sardinian Food:

Try Sardinian food and see how good it is. They make tasty pasta, yummy meat, and special cheese called pecorino that you’ll like.

8. Explore Gennargentu Park:

If you like nature, you’ll love Gennargentu Park. You can hike on rough paths, see animals, and look at nice views of Sardinia.

9. Walk Around Alghero:

See Alghero, a town that looks like Barcelona. Walk on small roads, see old buildings, and eat yummy seafood by the water.

10. Look at Tharros Ruins:

Check out old Roman stuff at Tharros Ruins by the sea. There’s a big place with old buildings, like a theater and baths.

11. Go Underwater in the Blue Grotto:

Dive into the blue water at the Blue Grotto near Capo Caccia. Wear a snorkel or dive gear and see the pretty light in the water in the cave.

12. Walk to Cala Goloritzè:

Hike to Cala Goloritzè, a secret cove you can only reach by walking or boating. There’s a pointy rock and blue water, making it a great place to relax.

13. Explore the Grotta di Nettuno:

Find out about the Grotta di Nettuno, another cool cave you can get to by boat or walking. It has neat things inside, and the way to it is pretty too.

14. Enjoy the Festival of Sant’Efisio:

Get into Sardinia’s fun traditions at the Festival of Sant’Efisio. You’ll see parades, people in cool clothes, and hear music for the island’s saint.

15. Visit Giara di Gesturi:

See wild horses at Giara di Gesturi, a flat place with special plants and animals. Walk around and see horses living their horse lives.

16. Check Out the Cagliari Museum:

Know more about Sardinia’s history at the Cagliari Museum. They have old things from a long time ago, like stuff from the time of the Romans.

17. Climb Punta La Marmora:

Hike up Punta La Marmora, the highest point in Sardinia. When you’re up there, you can see all around Sardinia and its different parts.

18. Take a Stroll in Bosa:

Walk in Bosa, a town with colorful buildings near the Temo River. See the nice houses, cross a bridge, and feel the relaxed vibe.

19. Relax on Spiaggia Tuerredda:

End your Sardinian vacation by chilling on Spiaggia Tuerredda. It’s a cool beach with blue water and soft sand, where you can rest and remember all the cool things you did.

In Sardinia, Italy, you’ll never run out of fun things to do. Whether you like beaches, history, or tasty food, this island has something amazing for everyone.

20. Tavolara Island:

Tavolara Island, nestled in the cerulean waters of the Mediterranean Sea, is a captivating gem that exudes natural beauty and rich history. This small but enchanting island holds a unique allure, drawing travelers with its stunning landscapes, diverse marine life, and a sense of serenity that is truly unparalleled.

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