3 methods for downloading YouTube videos to a PC or mobile device
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3 methods for downloading YouTube videos to a PC or mobile device

There are a few ways to downloading YouTube videos and music for later offline enjoyment.

  • With a YouTube Premium subscription, you can download YouTube videos to your computer.
  • Only YouTube may be used to play back videos and music that have been downloaded from the site.
  • You may utilise the VLC player to download videos from YouTube for offline consumption even if you don’t have YouTube Premium.

Although YouTube has billions of videos available for streaming, there are instances when you might choose to download a few for offline viewing. Naturally, streaming your own videos is simple. But what happens if you want to download other producers’ videos to watch them later without a connection? There is a single-click download button for that, but in order for it to function, you must be a YouTube Premium subscriber.

You may additionally employ a third-party tool, such as the VLC media player, to save videos from YouTube for offline viewing if you aren’t interested in buying YouTube Premium. Here’s the complete process:

How to use YouTube Premium for downloading YouTube videos?

The simplest method for downloading a YouTube video is through YouTube Premium, which offers an immediate download option. Although YouTube Premium is a service that costs $11.99 a month, it gives you a subscription to YouTube’s music library and YouTube Kids, as well as the ability to watch videos without advertisements. To discover more, read our thorough review of YouTube Premium.

You may watch YouTube videos offline when you download them using YouTube Premium. The downloaded video may only be viewed on the same device using the YouTube app.

Here’s how to use YouTube Premium to download and view YouTube videos:

1. Make certain that you’re logged in and registered for YouTube Premium before starting the YouTube application or opening YouTube in a browser.

2. Locate the video you wish to download and click the three-dot menu. Select Download from the dropdown menu.
downloading YouTube videos

The menu item is titled Download Video if you’re utilizing the YouTube application on a mobile device. You can hit the Download button underneath the video when you tap it to begin playback.

To watch the video you downloaded,

Web browser: Click Downloads from the menu at the left edge of the screen, then click the video you’ve downloaded to begin playing it.

Mobile device: On the bottom of your screen, select the Library option, then select Downloads. To begin playing the video, tap on it.


How to use YouTube Music to download music from videos

You can download material via the YouTube Music app on your smartphone or tablet, which is included with YouTube Premium. This is applicable to the majority of music and videos on the internet, including remixes and live performances.

This is how you do it:

1. For your phone or tablet, open the YouTube Music app.

2. Select the three-dot menu of the song you wish to download by tapping it.

3. Select Download from the drop-down option.

To play the song you downloaded,

1. Tap the Libraries option near the bottom of your YouTube Music home screen.

2. Select Download from the display menu by tapping Library at the top left of the screen.

3. Songs on Tap

4. Select the song you wish to play that you downloaded.

Like downloading a film from YouTube Premium. However, downloading music from YouTube’s Music section doesn’t save the song as an.mp3 or comparable file on your phone. It makes it difficult to use the music in another app. It is kept in the cache of the YouTube Music app. However, there are a few techniques for converting these music files.


Ways to download videos from YouTube on Windows using VLC Media Player

If you have a Mac or PC, you may be acquainted with VLC Media Player, a free tool that enables you to watch videos and listen to music. Additionally, you may use it to convert existing video files and download any YouTube video.

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Since many videos on YouTube are copyrighted, downloading and using them elsewhere without authorization is prohibited. You risk legal trouble from content producers or companies if you use anything you download for commercial purposes or in any other way that violates copyright.

For downloading a YouTube video, first install VLC, then adhere to these instructions:

  1. Locate the YouTube video you wish to save and copy its URL from the address bar of your web browser.
  2. Start the VLC application.
  3. Select Open Network Stream from the Media menu on your PC’s menu bar. Select File, then open the network on a Mac.
  4. Copy the link to the YouTube video URL into the text box at the top of the window that opens by choosing the Network tab. Next, select Play or Open from the bottom menu.

downloading YouTube videos

    5. The Network tab in the Open Media window of VLC after pasting a YouTube URL.

    6. On a PC, select Tools, then Media Information from the menu. On a Mac, select Media Information from the menu after selecting Window.

   7. The location field can be found at the bottom of the Present Media Information window. Copy the URL after selecting it in this text box.

    8. Then Copy the URL into the address field at the top of your web browser once more, and then click Enter.

    9. Select Download from the three-icon line option at the bottom left side of the screen once the video begins to play.

downloading YouTube videos

10. Your computer will store the video as an MP4 file. You can give it a name and put it wherever you want.

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