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If you struggle to get up and down the stairs, then you might need to consider a Best Stairlifts install which can make you life a little easier.

Stairlifts are a good choice when considering moving to a single level home, quick to install a stairlift offer a practical and cost effective long term option, so that you can stay in the home you love.

There are a number of factors that are important to consider when choosing a stairlift, this guide will take you through the top things to think about before choosing a stair lift.

Get the best advice out there

If you are struggling to move around your home freely, then the first step is to talk to a GP or Occupational therapist, these professionals will give advice that will allow you to make an informed decision about a stairlift, they can also give you information on charities and organisations around your local area that can finance stairlift with grants or loans.

If you have friends or family that have had a stairlift fitted in the past, you should speak with them for their advice, they will know the pros and cons, and can even make recommendations on the company or type of stairlift you require.

Before you go with a select stairlift company, check their online reviews, trustpilot, feefo, yell and google have systems where verified users submit reviews, these are usually out of 5, look for how many reviews they have too and the content of these looking at cost, warranty and the sales and aftercare that they offer, this will help give you an informed insight  when choosing the right stairlift company.

There are two main types of stairs in the UK, straight and curved, the style of your staircase will determine the type you need.

Straight stairs

For straight stairs that go from A – B with no landing in-between, can easily be fitted with a straight stairlift, these are simpler than a curved stairlift to install so can be done within a few hours.

Narrow stairs – if your stairs are narrow at points or the who way up there are a few options, with straight and curved types, a flow x stairlift is the latest in technology and can pivot and move so that other staircase users can use the stairs whilst in motion. The other option is a perch stairlift, this means you are at a slight standing position, but can perch on the smaller seat with a seatbelt for stability, these are most common on narrow straight stairs.

Curved Stairs or stairs with a mid landing

If your stairs curve at the start, middle or end then you can not install a straight stairlift, the rail on these is designed soly for straight use, there are however, many curved stairlifts that are bespoke, so that you can fit curved staircases of all shapes and sizes.


As stairlifts especially curved lifts can be bespoke, straight stairlifts start at lower prices, but then you can add automatic and electrical features to make the transition and getting on the lift easier, this then puts the price up. If you are looking at curved lifts, the price really depends on the stairs and a consolation of your home would be needed before quoting, Look for a company that is BTHA and trading standards approved, they are obliged to give an honest service and pricing structure.

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