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Customize Your Dream Wedding Band With Lab Diamonds

By Admin Mar17,2023
Lab Diamonds

Make your wedding day sparkle with a stunning lab diamond ring. These lab-grown gems are ethically sourced, conflict-free, and are just as brilliant as naturally occurring diamonds. They are available in virtually any carat weight and can be cut into a wide range of shapes to suit your style, including round, princess, pear, and cushion cuts.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional white diamond or something more unique. Lab grown diamonds come in every shade of the rainbow. They’re also incredibly affordable, making them the perfect choice for couples on a budget.

The Best Custom Engagement and Lab Diamonds

Having a beautiful, one-of-a-kind ring is an important part of a couple’s relationship. But it can be difficult to select just the right design without the help of a professional jeweler. At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, we work with you to create a truly one-of-a-kind ring that will represent your love for each other forever.

We offer a simple four-step process that will result in your dream lab diamond wedding band. First, you’ll take our free online ring quiz to get a clear idea of what kind of ring you want. Once you have a solid picture of what you’re after, you can then talk to a designer to start designing your ring.

Once your design is finished, we’ll send you a pair of sterling silver replicas for you to try on. Make sure the rings fit together perfectly. During this step, you can ask questions, request alterations and make any adjustments needed before we begin crafting your actual ring.

Then, we’ll make a mold of your dream ring and cast it in your preferred metal. After this, we’ll hand-set your lab diamond and add it to the ring.

Our artisan designers will use the same care and attention to detail in crafting your custom diamond ring as they would with any of their other pieces. They’ll bring out the shine, texture and details of your ring to create a piece that will stand out in the best way possible.

You can even customize your ring to have any gemstone you’d like. Some common gemstones for lab diamond rings include sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and more.

Lab Grown Diamonds Uk Are Also More Affordable

Aside from being a beautiful, environmentally-friendly option, lab grown diamonds UK are also more affordable than natural mined diamonds. While a mined diamond can be as high as $300 per carat. A lab-grown diamond can often be less than half the price.

These lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced, conflict-free, sustainably crafted and are just as brilliant as natural diamonds. They are available in virtually any shape and carat weight, and they are just as transparent as natural diamonds.

For a unique look that’s sure to impress, consider an eternity band with lab diamonds. These unique designs are a perfect fit for couples who want a heirloom-inspired ring that is timeless and sustainable.

Some of our favorites in this category are:

If you’re searching for a unique and heirloom-inspired ring that is both stylish and sustainable, look no further than these gorgeous lab diamond bands!

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