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Design Tips for Enhanced Banner Ads

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Banner Ads

Banner ads serve as a valuable tool for showcasing your products and services to potential customers. When executed effectively, they can attract attention and drive engagement. However, a poorly designed banner ad risks simply irritating viewers. Explore these design tips to elevate the quality of your banner ads.

1. Enclose Ads in a Box

Ads contained within a box or frame tend to be more attention-grabbing and visually appealing. This approach not only enhances their visibility but also maintains a tidy appearance. Opt for black or grey borders, typically 0.5 or 1-point thick, which complement most banner ads and are widely favoured.

2. Incorporate Animated Elements Wisely

In the digital advertising landscape, animated banner ads have become a staple. As per insights from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), digital advertising has surpassed TV advertising since 2018 in numerous major economies. While moving images attract attention, flashing or blinking designs can be off-putting. Exercise caution and ensure animations are subtle yet impactful.

3. Utilise Appropriate File Formats

Banner ads must load swiftly to capture viewers’ attention effectively. Opt for lightweight file formats such as HTML5 banners, JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF. Minimise file sizes to facilitate rapid loading speeds, and consider compressing PNG and JPG files before deployment.

4. Consider Size and Scalability

When crafting your banner ad, contemplate how it will appear across various platforms. Placement and readability are crucial factors to consider. Generally, HTML5 banners make the most significant impact when displayed at larger sizes. For mobile ads, readability can be challenging with image-heavy designs, making text and colour paramount for smaller displays.

5. Experiment with Diverse Designs

Effective online marketing often involves experimentation. Begin by developing multiple designs and assess their effectiveness through testing. This process enables you to identify colour combinations that yield higher click-through rates and determine optimal banner ad sizes. Experimentation also sheds light on whether images or videos contribute positively to your campaign.


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