Did you know about Electric Shuffle?
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Did you know about Electric Shuffle?

Canary Wharf is home to Electric Shuffle across two levels and is worth visiting, even if you don’t work there. Thanks to details like the massive centerpiece bar’s double-height neon lighting installation. They’ve dressed it all up with a fun retro-futuristic mood that occasionally veers into steampunk territory. You’ll see an extensive control panel inspired by the Maniac TV series on Netflix as soon as you enter. A button with the word “Do Not Press” is at the hand level. You’llYou’ll undoubtedly press it right away. It is the first of many, many times the lights will dance across the wall.

In total, there are ten lanes spread out over two levels at Electric Shuffle Canary Wharf. Each route has its own semi-private space and can for up to 32 individuals. The lane has a small touchscreen where you can do everything, including submit team photographs and request table service. It’s all to work for large groups and two-player tournaments: you’ll be into teams, with players called up periodically and matched up against a changing lineup of rivals from the opposition; if you’re a huge group.

Game Changer

Shuffleboard is an afterthought, a fixture in the back of an icehouse or bar that gets little usage aside from possibly serving as a place to store your longneck while you visit the restroom. The game’s history is considerably more illustrious, going back to King Henry V’sV’s reign in the 15th century when the first versions of the game were by affluent people using their coins as pucks. The Shuffle team claims it is on a mission to prevent shuffleboard from being relegated to the back of the bar by virtually reinventing it with technology.

The rocket scientist-designed vision technology enables three shuffleboard games and automatic team construction, scoring, player rotations, and game selection—the gorgeous laminated timber playing surfaces in California during the shuffleboard in Northern Ireland.

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Electric Shuffle Menu

An Electric Shuffle representative will walk you through your game control center’s technology and uncomplicated setup once your table is available. Then, you need to start playing and order food and drink. For 90 minutes at a table, shuffleboard costs $15 per person. Here, Sunday brunch is particularly entertaining. For only $50 per person—or $35 without the bubbles—you can get a package that includes an entire bottle of sparkling wine, juice, and a spread that provides:

  • Bacon jam breakfast pizza.
  • Tiny chicken and waffles.
  • Avocado toast.
  • An hour of shuffleboard play.


How, then, does it all operate? First, visitors enter the building’s main level and register with the host. A Shuffle representative will walk you through your game control center’s technology and simple setup once your table is available. Then, you need to start playing and order food and drink. For 90 minutes at a table, shuffleboard costs $15 per person. Like Flight Club modernized darts, Shuffle takes the fundamentals of shuffleboard. It uses cutting-edge technology to create a fast-paced, mesmerizing game with players yelling with delight and spectators impatiently awaiting their turn.

At first, guests may participate in three different games, each of which by a separate shuffleboard component. Then, step up to the shuffle table, accommodating up to 16 players. But, of course, with all that activity, you need food and beverages to match. So along with seasonally inspired cuisine that includes shared platters, show-stopping pizza paddles, and unique dishes. In addition, Shuffle provides a variety of specialty beers and beverages. This October, Leeds will welcome a brand-new location for Shuffle. A company recognized for reinventing the classic game of shuffleboard.

Electric Shuffle Location

The minds behind Flight created the idea. For the first time, Club and its award-winning sister brand, Club, are located next to one another, igniting the social scene in Leeds. The launch will be the first Electric Shuffle location outside of London. It is an exciting development for the cutting-edge company, along with nine shuffleboard playing areas in a breathtaking environment. Shuffle Leeds will also have a gorgeous bar that will evoke the atmosphere of a cozy and inviting “local” while providing unforgettable moments with friends. Shuffle is the perfect venue for team building and a natural amphitheater of delight.

Shuffleboard, which has a lengthy history dating back hundreds of years, is both a game of skill and chance. It’s just good fortune. Each of these contested games has a spectacular conclusion. The attractive bar is ideal for an impromptu drink since it exudes the coolness of a neighborhood’s” hidden treasure” and has many photo opportunities that will grace social media feeds come October.

Final Thought

The management of Shuffle is the same as that of the excellent darts bar Flight Club, and the atmosphere is similar. With retro-futurist architecture that begs to be Instagrammed and plush seating. And a drinks menu that makes for a beautiful night even if you don’t get within six feet of a scoreboard. It takes an old-school bar sport and makes it fashionable. For your winning side, this entails “prize” cocktails like the fruity Winner’sWinner’s Mix, upscale slushies with unusual ingredients like Overproof Rum and pink peppercorn, a good craft beer list, and even exclusive craft slushies.

Electric Shuffle has improved the deal with an expensive new Summer Terrace with picnic tables and lots of greenery. But crucially, it is not the soggy neighborhood park you were already bored stiff with last spring. The spacious layout of Shuffle is already ideal for social isolation post-May 17, but they’ve made it even better. It’sIt’s the perfect location to partake in one of their bottomless breakfasts, which feature unlimited pizza and prosecco.

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