Everything about Michael Owen’s Daughter
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Everything about Michael Owen’s Daughter

There are only a few minutes left before we learn who the Love Island winners are. And Gemma Owen might be one of them after the dressage rider, and Luca Bish advanced to the final. The two have gone to the competition’s last, and despite their ups and downs, Luca appears to have Michael Owen’s daughter endorsement, as Gemma’s mother Louise stated during the Meet the Parents show. Since It dropped the traditional twist, it is now just between them and Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Culculolu, but the couples will be able to steal the money this year.

Guys, let’s face it; now that football season is over, we will all be watching Love Island for the upcoming weeks, so you are undoubtedly curious about who is involved, and the fact that it’s an Owen makes it more intriguing. The Sun reported that Gemma Owen, a 19-year-old international dressage rider and company owner, got her father’s approval to participate in the program.

Michael Owen, daughter

Her father wowed soccer fans with his club and national goals. In that one commercial in which he pretends to be a helicopter pilot over Dubai, he continues to appear on our televisions as a pundit. Now that Michael Owen’s Daughter will be competing for fame on Love Island, she claims to be “extremely competitive” like her father. That is hardly surprising considering that she has represented Great Britain in dressage competitions since she was 11 years old and is someone who “always goes” for what she wants. Gemma, who self-describes as “fun, feisty, and fiery,” says she is participating in Love Island because she is “open to finding love” and because she “wants to have a wonderful summer.”

Michael Owen, a legendary figure in football, has spoken out about his daughter’s harsh demeanor, explaining that it’s merely the “game plan” of the young islanders and that she replicates that intensity at home. Since the eighth series of Love Island premiered earlier this month, Gemma has been a hot topic of discussion, with many criticizing her attitude. Nevertheless, as the weeks passed, fans began to accept Gemma’s alleged “cold nature.” However, her father, former Liverpool footballer Michael Owen Daughter, has spoken out about how this may be part of the young islander’s “game plan,” according to The Mirror. Love Island fans have quickly commented on 19-year-old Gemma’s stern and grumpy demeanor.

Michael Owen in Super League  

On Monday, August 1, the BT sports pundit, Michael, 42, took to Twitter to express his pride in Gemma, his 19-year-old daughter living in the infamous Love Island villa. His remarks echoed those of his wife Louise, who made her debut on the ITV2 dating program during the “meet the parents” episode earlier this week. Louise gave Gemma a note from her father, saying, “Honestly, he is incredibly proud of you, truly proud.”


Since 2005, Michael Owen has been wed to Louise Bonsall, his boyhood sweetheart. The couple started dating while attending Hawarden High School in Flintshire, Wales, in 1984 after meeting in elementary school. They married the following year on Valentine’s Day 2004, Louise’s birthday. The Sun claims that Louise has been referred to as “not your typical WAG” and is passionate about saving horses. Gemma is the oldest of the couple’s four children, who total four. James Michael Owen’s Daughter, Emily May, and Jessica are additionally present.

Earlier this week, Owen resisted providing further details when It questioned him about Gemma’s TV move during coverage of an England game. She answered “yes,” and I said, “I did not bank on this.'” Owen was speaking to the Mail Online about the contentious episode. However, he continued to observe and added: “Gemma had her back to the guy, and there was space between them, which was fortunate for me because no father wants to see physical contact—I know I don’t—so I thought, “Good girl.”


She is a mature 19-year-old, which makes her similar to me in that regard. I played for Liverpool when I was 17 and had to make friends with 23, 24, and 25-year-olds. The bottom line is she is an adult, and I have to trust her to make wise decisions. She has had two years more than I did to prepare for life in the public eye. You have to be realistic, though. My daughters are going to kiss people. They are going to have girlfriends, spouses, and kids. If I had known twenty years ago that I was going to have three daughters, I would have declared I’d welcome any men who came near them with a baseball bat.

With the help of both parents, Gemma Owen had one of the best and most beautiful educational lives when she was a younger child. Despite the specifics being a little hazy, she completed every step of the educational process. Gemma and her siblings had to put their education first to accomplish this, and their parents were equally to ensuring everything went well.

Final Thoughts

She was also the type to work harder to ensure she did well when her teachers asked her to improve her failing marks. She breezed through the process of making sure she was ready for the future, which she is currently doing brilliantly. According to her resume, Michael Owen’s Daughter studied fashion at a respected university and received a degree.

After his daughter Gemma Owen finished second in the Love Island 2022 final with Luca Bish, football icon Michael Owen commented. The team finished second, falling short of this year’s winners, Ekin-Su Cülcülolu and Davide Sanclimenti.

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