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The royal family was referred to as the Fritz family in antiquity. The Indian tribe’s chief would have children with Ymir Fritz as a “prize” for being the first to harness the Titans’ power and deliver wealth to the tribe. This custom took place some 2,000 years ago. Their offspring would establish the country of India. King Karl Fritz relocated Eldia’s capital to Paradis Island and built the Walls with the help of numerous Colossus Titans using the strength of the Founding Titan. Rod Reiss sought an innovative method to save the bloodline and the Founding Titan, and he had to move quickly. He rounded up as many Indians as possible and then erased their memory of the outside world.

Attack on Titan, a well-known fantasy anime, has promised to air its final season towards the end of 2020. The first three seasons of the series were full of surprises. Viewers had to say goodbye to many of their favourite characters because the show included some of the most startling anime deaths in recent memory. The antagonists are fascinatingly complex, unlike the engaging and relatable protagonists. Many family members became power crazy due to dealing with the obligations of growing up with secret information. Because of their intriguing and frequently sad backstories, fans also like antiheroes. Those who complied with the First King of the Walls’ directives were elevated to nobility.  

Reiss History

To save his people, the First King sent a warning to the Marley administration, threatening to release millions of sleeping Colossus Titans upon the planet if they interfered with their ideal of peace. But this threat was just a bluff to secure a stable equilibrium. Reiss carried a great deal of responsibility as the son of a monarch. Over the years, the royal family passed the Founding Titan along from one generation to the next.

Uri, the brother of Rod, was given this unpleasant ability to rule over other mindless Titans. He then gave it to Rod’s daughter Frieda. Because of his protective nature toward this inheritance, Lord chose out of desperation that irrevocably altered life within the walls. He decided to abduct Eren and Historia. Historia was an illegitimate daughter then, and Eren was the Founding Titan inheritor. He attempted to persuade Historia to inject herself with a serum, turn into a Titan, and eat Eren.

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Secrets of Reiss

Karl Fritz secretly vowed to the Founding Titan that he and his descendants would never use its power to start a war. And would remain silent should the world launch an invasion in retaliation. Following this, the island’s new royal family dropped the Fritz moniker and changed their last name to the rod. 

Every generation performed a ritual to pass the Founding Titan from one family member to the next. In the cave beneath the community chapel close to the Reiss family estate, the present inheritor of the Founding Titan would be shackled. The Founding Titan’s successor would inject themself with a serum, change into a Pure Titan, and eat their predecessor. They would then have access to the Founding Titan’s strength and the erasure of humanity’s memory from within the Walls, even if they had previously desired to free humankind. It would also endow them with the ideology of the First King and compel them to maintain the Walls under Titan’s control.

Grisha Yeager

The Rod family visits the local church to pray during the fall of Wall Maria in 845. However, a guy with the strength of the Attack Titan named Grisha Yeager meets them there. He begs Frieda Rod to stop the Titans from harming the inhabitants of the Walls, but she declines. Grisha turns into the Attack Titan and assaults the Rod family. He then obliterates the remainder of the family. Rod’s wife and kids are by Grisha, who also destroys the chapel. Only Rod escapes the massacre; as Historia wasn’t there, she is uninjured.  

Reiss takes Frieda’s place as the legitimate ruler after her passing. He attributes the chapel’s damage and the death of his family to bandits to conceal Grisha’s attack. Rod travels to the farm to rescue Historia because she is of the right bloodline and the other children are all dead. The First Interior Squad stops the Assembly from killing Historia and her mother, Alma. They believe that Historia, an adopted kid, is unworthy of the Rod name.

War for Paradis arc

When Zeke and Eren enter the Coordinate, Zeke proceeds to play back several scenes from Grisha’s recollections of Paradis to persuade Eren that his father’s schemes have brainwashed him. After some time, they arrive, where Grisha takes the Founding Titan from the Rod family. Eren becomes increasingly angered by Frieda’s assertions that the Indians must bear the world’s wrath for the transgressions of their ancestors as he listens to his father’s conversation with Frieda Rod. He is to discover that his father cannot carry out his objective despite Grisha’s assurance that he will steal the Founding Titan from the Rod family.

Eren urges Grisha to complete the task he has begun by reminding him of his fellow restorationists. And Faye to motivate his father. Eren persuades Grisha to murder the Reiss family and take the Founding Titan. But he has also grown to dread Eren’s motives and begs Zeke to intervene. Historia hears Kiyomi Azumabito discuss the procedures that must be in place to ensure the island’s safety as the first Hizuru ambassadors land on Paradis. One of them is for Zeke to give a royal descendant his Beast Titan. Despite intense debate among those in attendance, Historia accepts the proposal. 

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