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The summer break is in full swing, bringing with it what seems like endless days of swimming in the pool, binge-watching Netflix, and donning wellies due to the unexpected shift in temperature. A staycation should be (or already is) on the agenda for everyone wishing to get a little more active. According to Go Outdoors, five million camping searches were made online last year. It indicates a significant increase in the number of individuals using the internet to research the best locations—the best times of year to go, and exact equipment requirements.

The cost of this gear shouldn’t come as a surprise; tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, hiking boots, and camping stoves. All these things are just a few of the many needed for a night in the bush. Therefore, any savings or sales are always on our radar whether we have a trip scheduled for next week. These are the deals worth purchasing in the Go Outdoors sale. Get up to 40% off some of our IndyBest favorite purchases, including brands like Vango, Merrell, Campinas, and more.

Benefits of Go Outdoors

It’s beneficial for more than just your physical health to exercise outside. It also benefits your mental wellness. Spending time outdoors and in natural light can lift your spirits, ease tension, and lessen sadness. Similar advantages are physical activity, which also frequently calms and uplifts people.

According to studies, vitamin D may have protective effects against a wide range of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, depression, osteoporosis, and cancer. Remember that too much sun might cause skin damage. In the summer, you only need to spend 10 to 15 minutes in the sun a few days a week.

Burn more calories

According to research, those who exercise outside burn 10% more calories while walking or running than they do while exercising at the same speed on a treadmill. The distractions of your environment when working out outside cause you to lose focus on your workout. As a result, there is a considerably higher likelihood that you will end up working out for longer than you would if you were out inside. Kids are twice as active when they play outside, which is an added benefit.

Relax your Mind

Most individuals bid goodbye to Go Outdoors activities when the warm summer days end out of fear of the cold. Even though many individuals opt to stay inside their cozy homes during the winter, spending time outside, even when it’s chilly, has various advantages for your physical and emotional health. Many parents decide to keep their kids indoors because it’s well-accepted that being outside in the cold might cause disease. However, exposure to the cold does not truly make you sick. You may have a runny nose, but it’s just how the body gets rid of bacteria.

Numerous physical health advantages can result from making a snowman in your backyard or going for a winter walk. The vitamin D our bodies acquire from the sun is one of them. Humans need vitamin D for strong bones and to avoid sickness. Getting enough vitamin D can help prevent various illnesses (National Institutes for Health).

Remove stress from your mind

Wherever you go, there is stress everywhere. There are many good stressors in the world, such as those that keep you safe, and many negative ones. With 55% of Americans reporting feeling stressed daily, America is one of the most stressed-out nations in the world. Stress levels can rise for a variety of reasons, and this stress can have adverse effects on your physical and emotional health.

However, it has been shown that even 20 to 30 minutes outside might help you feel less stressed. Even gardening has been proven to reduce stress symptoms. A Japanese study on the benefits of Shinrin-yoku, also known as “forest bathing,” found that even a brief time spent outside can lower cortisol levels, the body’s natural stress-inducing chemical. Stress is reduced, and muscles are released when you’re out.

It puts your mind at ease

Spending time outside also aids in mental relaxation. There are many stressors in the world, including employment, interpersonal relationships, and money. Sometimes, to relax your thoughts, you need to go away from these worries. Going outside enables your mind to relax and return to normal. Spending time in nature also lets you be attentive to your surroundings and clear your mind, making it an excellent approach to practicing mindfulness.

Remove health Problems

You may feel drained and weighed down by life’s daily stresses. According to studies, rejuvenating situations like Go Outdoors might help you feel more focused and energized. We’ve discussed the benefits of exercise for mental health numerous times. Whether gardening, walking, or trekking, spending time outside often entails some training. Exercise lowers blood pressure, which is a typical sign of stress.

Additionally, endorphins are released, which improves your mood. If you follow a routine at home, try performing it outside to see how it affects you. People who exercise frequently report feeling refreshed on the inside and out.

Final Thought

Everybody encounters stress in everyday life, which can cause mental tiredness. You can relax your mind by spending time outside and escaping work and personal life. Here you may be able to cultivate mindfulness and become more in the present. You may have had a rough day at work, or your busy schedule has made you incredibly sleepy. But if you take the time to go outside, you’ll notice that you feel better.

You may do many outside activities, including walking, running, riding a bike, and gardening. This summer, take advantage of as many opportunities to spend outdoors to boost your general mental health and welfare. According to research, spending at least two hours each week outside has a positive impact on your public health and happiness. Sometimes, it’s easier to say than to do.

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