Hollywood 20+ Most Popular Actresses with Big Noses
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Hollywood 20+ Most Popular Actresses with Big Noses

It gives the face a somewhat unsettling look. There are, nevertheless, a few gorgeous Hollywood women with prominent noses. Given that it has long been believed that no woman could have a large nose, it is intriguing to learn that there are actors with them.

Celebrity body preoccupation extends to even the tiniest traits, like the nose. A large nose may often be seen as unattractive and gives the face an odd aspect. Yes, but there are also some stunning Hollywood actresses with enormous noses. They haven’t felt uneasy among people who seem large and gorgeous.

It’s fantastic to see superstars with large noses since it’s a popular misconception that no woman looks friendly with one. If you’re captivated by gorgeous folks with large noses, you should look them up:

Top Hollywood Actors and Celebs With Big Noses: 20+

Although having a big nose changes how you look, certain celebrities have developed a trademark look with it over time. Check out the collection of appealing women with big noses. It’s time to liberate our language from arbitrary “norms.” These pictures of well-known celebrities will demonstrate how the concept of beauty is constructed by individuals and is flexible. Let’s admire these famous women who have large noses and learn more about them:

1. Claire Danes

She has made every feature beautiful despite having a broad nose and a little stretched-out bridge, at least in her images, so that our eyes can see how gorgeous she is.

Even though she always acknowledges that she is not flawless, we are happy that she always seems beautiful on and off the television. The fact that she doesn’t care how she seems on television is the finest thing.

2. Jennifer Garner

Since Jennifer Garner has never had cosmetic surgery, her striking face is highlighted by her enormous eggplant-colored nose. She asserts that she is more attractive since she was born with a large nose. Her large lips and wide smile counterbalance her massive nose.

3. Penelope Cruz

The actress with the colossal nose is Penelope Cruz, who is also pretty gorgeous. Critics have praised Penelope for her prowess as a model and performer. She has won several awards in the US and Spain. She spent a lot of time assisting the community as well.

Cruz has a flourishing acting career and has taken part in charitable endeavors. She is the mother of a small child named Angel despite everything. Penelope Cruz is still one of the most stunning actresses despite having a large nose.

4. Rosemarie Dewitt

Although she was born an actor with a huge nose, she may make us all scratch our heads with her excellent features. She is far more beautiful than that, on the other hand.

Her prominent nose harmonizes with the rest of her gorgeous face; throughout her career, she has continuously achieved commercial success. Since she believes that true beauty comes from the within, she has never had cosmetic surgery.

5. Raven Symoné

Who cares if this black actress has a nose the size of an eggplant? She doesn’t seem odd because of her enormous nose, and her broad grin enhances it. She also continually embraces her entire appearance in front of the camera.

She had a dark complexion, but she never wanted to get a skin-lightening procedure. She did not have any cosmetic surgery, which would be a bonus.

6. Lizz Caplan

Actress of American ancestry makes up Lizz Caplan. She rose to fame thanks to her role in the critically acclaimed television series F*reaks and Geeks. Her roles in Mean Girls and Cloverfield helped her boost her recognition. She is one of the top celebs with a huge nose, apart from that.

7. Rachel Weisz

She is one of the famous people with a large nose, and since it looks well with her little face, it is constantly reflected or highlighted in front of the camera.

She says no one is perfect when they first join the entertainment world, yet despite this, many still thrive because their imperfections make them seem desirable. She has never had a nose job because she thinks defects are an opportunity to shine rather than a reason to hide.

8. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, also called Mary Louise Streep, is unquestionably one of the greatest actors of all time. The actress has never been embarrassed about having a famously large nose.

She once heard a bus passenger say that her enormous nose served as her calling card. Despite having a large nose, she never felt ashamed to consider herself beautiful, a trait she has used to her advantage as an actress. Meryl Streep has a legendary reputation in the film industry.

She has earned a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most significant actors because of her exceptional acting skills. The historical actress with the most nominations also has three Oscar victories.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the cutest celebs with big noses. According to Hollywood standards, Aniston has a pretty large nose. She had a nose job but opted for a change that wouldn’t change her recognizable facial features. She still ranks among the most well-liked and gorgeous celebrities, with a prominent nose.

10. Blake Lively

American actress Blake Lively is well-known overseas. She has won several awards, including a People’s Choice Award and three Teen Choice Awards. Additionally, she has been nominated for two Critics’ Choice Awards and one Academy of Country Music Award. She also has one of the nicest noses among models.

Along with her impressive acting career, Blake is renowned for having one of the loveliest noses among actresses. However, she has a nicely balanced transition from the tip to the tip of her nose.

11. Nia Vardalos

She is a model from Greece who lives in Canada. And well renowned for her director, producer, author, and actress work. She has received multiple nominations for the Golden Globe for best actress and the Academy Award for best original screenplay for her work in several romantic comedies.

Despite having a large nose, she is praised for her attractiveness. Nia Vardalos rejects the idea that having cosmetic surgery would improve her appearance.

12. Bryce Dallas Howard

Another gorgeous celebrity with a big nose is Ron Howard’s child. This physical quality strengthens her flawless complexion and gives a distinctive touch. However, her nose does not overshadow the beauty of her other features, such as her alluring smile and magnificent ginger curls.

This physical feature adds a special touch to her flawless skin and gives it more structure. Her charming ginger hair, sweet smile, and stunning features do not allow her nose to stand in the way of them. Resists cosmetic treatments like plastic surgery or skin lightening. But one thing that makes so many women admire her is her wide smile.

13. Natalie Portman

Israeli ancestry may be seen in American actress Natalie Portman. She was born in Jerusalem to an American mother and an Israeli father. She had had a lengthy career in movies, starting when she was a youngster. Natalie has appeared in both high-profile and independent films.

She has received several honors for her outstanding achievements. Nevertheless, despite his prominent position, she had a sizable fan base because of her distinctive nose.

14. Cate Blanchett

If Cate Blanchett does have a large nose, you may be wondering. If so, you are not the only one. The actress has been in the headlines for a long time, and many women have large noses. Her roles in movies and television shows have drawn much interest and respect.

Cate Blanchett, an actress with a big nose, is easily recognized on the red carpet. The Oscar-winning actress set the bar for red-carpet beauty at the Venice Film Festival. Her admirers and the media have fallen in love with her because of her heightened eyes and steely resolve. Her capacity to get praise is unaffected by her big nose.

15. Gisele Bundchen

You may be surprised that Gisele feels at ease with her big nose. She said that although our flaws make us unique from others, they also allow us to shine brightly.

She also believes that it is useless to be a perfect substitute. Being upfront about a flaw is acceptable, and she wears her huge nose with pride, even if it is her problem.

16. Scarlett Johansson

Another actress with a large nose is Scarlett Johansson. But her attractive nose makes a statement about her face and enables her to cover her eyes correctly. The size of her nose, which is proportional in size, brings her cheekbones and lips forward. Because of her large nose, she now holds the record for the highest-paid actress in the world.

She has won several awards, and her movies have earned $14 billion worldwide. She is now one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actresses, which is unsurprising. Scarlett Johansson has beautiful eyes and a beautiful nose.

17. Uma Thurman

You may be acquainted with Uma Karuna Thurman, an American actress, model, and producer. This gifted performer has appeared in films, TV shows, and commercials and works in various genres. Her first acting role was in the 1990 film Dangerous Liaisons, and ever since, she has graced the covers of British Vogue.

The actress established herself with a couple of mildly successful films. She stepped out and played a glamorous underworld moll in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction in 1994.

18. Julia Roberts

She is a risk-taker since, even though she required a facelift, Julia Roberts decided against having one even though she did not have any cosmetic procedures when she initially moved to Hollywood. She also said that she is an older model and intends to work in the industry until she becomes 50. She is always entertaining, even without cosmetic surgery.

19. Barbra Streisand

Ten Grammys, two Oscars, eleven Golden Globes, five Emmys, and one Tony Award have all been bestowed to Barbra Streisand. One of the 12 artists to get the EGOT was her. And she used her massive nose for everything.

She reportedly arrived in Hollywood without having her name changed, her nose straightened, or her teeth clamped. She expresses her joy at being successful in this way at every opportunity.

20. Sofia Coppola

American actress, producer, and playwright Sofia Coppola also works as a producer. One of the names with a big nose is the former actress Sofia Coppola. The audience enthusiastically welcomes the appearance of the well-known celebrity, who has been in over 15 films and had successful performances. She is ecstatic about the situation.

21. Sarah Jessica Parker

Although Sarah has never thought of herself as gorgeous, it hasn’t prevented her from reacting to others’ critical remarks about her looks. After finding that the readers of the famous Maxim magazine had selected her as the 2007 most unsexy living woman, she even thought about becoming a hermit.

However, Sarah’s inferiority feeling and the fact that she has a big nose, like many other celebrities, do not prevent her from becoming a top-tier performer.

22. Maria Valverde

Maria gained notoriety for her performance in “Three Steps Above Heaven,” but it is far from the end of her record of Hollywood acting roles. She is not a gorgeous lady in the conventional sense, but her vast nose does give her a majestic air.

23. Rossy de Palma

Even though Rosy de Palma has a large nose, no one pays attention to her appearance when she exhibits these qualities. Observers are fascinated by her charm and her innocent girlish lightness.

The conclusion

After seeing the issue for so long, Hollywood actresses with large noses opted for rhinoplasty to fix it. It doesn’t imply that women with big noses are less appealing. Celebrities are regularly made fun of by fans for having distinctive looks; some have suffered from mental health issues due to trolling.

It is evident from various social media platforms that followers value skill and effort more than they do noses and other purely physical traits. These well-known actors with prominent noses have maintained their self-assurance throughout their lifetimes.

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