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How to access Gmail on a smartphone or desktop computer

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Using the app or website, you can connect into your Gmail account and setup automatic logins. When you know your password, logging again into your account after logging out is simple. For security reasons, make sure to log out of Gmail before utilizing a shared or public computer.

Accessing your emails as well as other Google services like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and others is made simple with Gmail. Even better, you can use your Gmail account to carry out tasks like adding an item to the calendar or publishing a Google Doc.

However, you must first log into Gmail; here’s how to accomplish that.

How to sign in to Gmail on a smartphone or tablet

You’re typically already signed into Gmail on your phone. Below is how to sign back in if you’ve deleted the app or logged out.

  1. On your Android or iOS smartphone, download and launch the email application.
  1. On the bottom of the screen, tap an indication in button. Just click on your profile symbol in the upper-right portion of the screen before you tap Add an additional account if you possess an email account associated with the app but wish to add another one.

  1. Click Google on the following page.

4. Select Continue to give Google permission to access your account.

  1. Complete the procedures to log in.

Simply type in your email address or cellphone number and select “Next.” Inside with Isabella Paoletto

To continue to be logged into your Google Mail account on your device, use the “Remember me” checkbox.

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How to use a PC to access your Gmail account

Go to, input the details of your email (or phone number if one is associated with your account), and then enter your password for logging into Email on your computer or Mac. If you want to remain automatically logged in, check the box that appears next to “Remember me.”


After providing your password, choose “Next.” Insider: Isabella Paoletto. Never overlook signing out of Gmail at the end of the day if you’re using a shared or public computer.

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