How to snap a screenshot in Windows 10 & Windows 11 in 8 different ways
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How to snap a screenshot in Windows 10 & Windows 11 in 8 different ways

  • On either Windows 10 or Windows 11, you may use the Print Screen icon or Snipping Tool to take a screenshot.
  • By pressing Windows Command + G and using the Game Bar, you may also take a screenshot.
  • Even additional functionality, including automatically posting screenshots to the internet, is available in third-party apps.

There are various techniques you can employ to snap a screenshot on a Windows 10 as well as Windows 11 PC.

We’ve compiled all the top methods for taking a screenshot in Windows, either you want to capture the whole display or just a portion of it.

The button to print the screen

By hitting the Print Display (PrtScn) key on your keyboard, you may quickly snap a picture of your full screen in Windows 10, Windows 10, or Windows 11. 

Your clipboard will receive the screenshot. Paste the photograph into any programme that lets you input images, such as Microsoft Word or Paint, to save the file.

Pressing Windows and Print Screen

Hit the Windows key + PrtScn to take a screenshot in Windows 10, Windows 10, or Windows 11 and have the file saved automatically to the Screenshots folder. A picture of your complete screen is going to be saved within the folder as your screen dims.

Print Screen with Alt

Click Alt + PrtScn to only record the window you are now working in. You’ll need to paste the screenshot into another programme in order to save it when it has been copied to your clipboard.

Windows 10’s Clip & Sketch tool

If you want to personalise, comment, or share your screenshots, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Clip & Sketch is the greatest screenshot tool for Windows.

Employ the keyboard combination Windows Control + Shift + S to launch Snip & Sketch. Your screen will dim, and a tiny menu with the choices to take a square, free-form, opening, or large in size capture will show up at the highest point of your screen.

You can pick the method you want to use to snap a screenshot using these Clip & Skitch options:

Mode Function

  • Rectangular For your screenshot, create a rectangle of the appropriate size.
  • Free-form Draw with your cursor in freehand.
  • Window Select a certain window to capture.
  • Full-screen Take a screenshot of the whole screen.
  • The preview notification will show up in the lower-right corner of the screen when you take the screenshot, which will then be copied to your clipboard.

The Clip & Sketch app will open when you click the link in the preview notice, allowing you to save, share, or alter the snapshot using the included drawing tools.

The Windows 11 Snipping Tool

Despite being there in Windows 10, the Snipping Tool isn’t typically a screenshot tool you’ll wish to utilize. The Snipping Tool was significantly improved in Windows 11 and is currently the greatest method for taking personalized screenshots.

In Windows 11, you may either search for the Snipping Tool or launch it by pressing Windows Bar + Shift + S. Your screen will dim and a toolbar with screenshot options will show up at the top, similar to Snip & Sketch. You can take a rectangle, freeform, full-window, or full-screen capture using this toolbar.

After you take a screenshot, it will be saved in the Screenshots folder and transferred to the clipboard, so you may share it straight away. You can save and edit the preview by clicking the button that appears in the bottom-right area of your screen.

Gaming Bar

Most Microsoft apps and games have an interface you can utilize to take pictures and record videos—it’s called the Game Bar. To utilize it, follow these steps to open it: 

Hit Window Key + G to start.

  1. To open the Capture menu in the overlaying menu, select the Capture button (the camera icon) in the top menu. 
  2. To take a screenshot, click the camera’s icon in the Capture menu. By choosing the record button, you are able to record a video with the ability to include audio by selecting the microphone symbol. 

The Video > captures directory in File Explorer is where you may locate screenshots & video clips that were taken by the Game Bar. These files are saved in the PNG and MP4 formats. Additionally, you may access them via the Gaming Bar’s Gallery by selecting Show my grabs > See my captures from the Capture menu, which is located beneath the screenshot & recording buttons.

Up the Volume + Power

Click the Power Key + Volume Up Button on a Microsoft Surface devices to take a screenshot of Windows 10 operating system. Your screenshot will be saved to the Photos > Screenshots folder as the screen dims.

for Windows, third-party snapshot applications

a number of third-party screenshot programs to take into consideration that each have their own additional features if you’re not happy with any of your built-in Windows techniques.

Free screenshot tool Lightshot is made for easy social sharing. When Lightshot is downloaded and installed on Windows 10, the Print Screen feature is replaced and more editing options are provided.

Another free program, Greenshot, has the ability to capture a whole scrolling web page in addition to editing and customizing screenshots.

You may record videos and images with the free Windows recording program ScreenRec. Additionally, it gives you the ability to annotate the recordings and screen captures and instantly generate a link that you can send to others so they can see it.

With the snapshot application Snagit, you can capture entire pages, make animated GIFs, and more. The negative? The $50 premium edition is available. A free trial of thirty days is available, but all images you take during the trial period will have a watermark.

You can record your computer’s activity using Screencast-O-Matic, a digital video editing and screen-sharing application. You just need to create a free account to use the screenshot functionality. For $4 a month, you can additionally upgrade to a vip account to have access to advanced features.

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