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Referees Darren England and Dan Cook Benched

Referees Darren

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In the world of football, we often talk about players, coaches, and team owners. But there’s another important person on the field, the referee. One referee who’s been making a name for himself is Darren England. Let’s take a closer look at his journey.

Early Life

Darren England was born in 1985 in Doncaster, England. He loved football from a young age, but he realized he might not make it as a player. So, he decided to become a referee. He started by officiating youth and lower division games.

Climbing the Ladder

Darren quickly moved up the ranks. He went from officiating small games to handling League Two matches. He was good at keeping games fair and staying calm, even when things got intense.

Big Break

One of Darren’s big moments came in 2017 when he officiated the Football League Trophy final. It was a big match, and he did a great job. This helped him get noticed by football authorities, and his career took off from there.

The Premier League

In 2017, Darren was chosen to referee in the Premier League, the top division in England. This was a huge achievement because only a few referees make it to this level. He’s been in charge of important games involving top teams, earning respect from everyone in the football world.

International Recognition

Darren England’s ambitions didn’t stop at the Premier League. He also became a FIFA-listed referee, allowing him to officiate in international competitions. This is a big deal for referees, and it shows how good he is at his job.

Off the Field

Darren England isn’t just good on the field; he’s also known for his professionalism and honesty. He keeps himself fit and stays updated on football rules.

Referees Darren England and Dan Cook Benched

Amid the ongoing VAR controversy in the Premier League, referees Darren England and Dan Cook have been sidelined for another round of fixtures.

Growing Criticism of PGMOL

The criticism directed at the referees’ organization, PGMOL, has been growing following a series of contentious decisions, including one that saw Liverpool denied a legitimate goal in their match against Tottenham.

VAR Blunder in Liverpool-Tottenham Match

The controversy stems from VAR officials England and Cook’s involvement in wrongly disallowing Luis Diaz’s goal during Liverpool’s game against Tottenham, which would have given Liverpool a 1-0 lead.

Suspension Extended

Initially, both referees were replaced for two games as a consequence of their error, but their suspension has now been extended for an additional round of fixtures.

Replacement VAR Official

Simon Hooper, who officiated as the on-field referee during the Tottenham-Liverpool clash and served as the fourth official in the subsequent Fulham game on Monday, will take on the role of VAR official for Everton’s match against Bournemouth this Saturday.

Changes in Schedule

In addition to his Premier League duties, England was also scheduled to officiate the Championship match between Preston and Leicester on Wednesday night. However, he has been replaced by Thomas Bramall.

PGMOL’s Acknowledgment

In the wake of the controversy, PGMOL issued a statement late on Saturday, acknowledging that the decision to disallow Luiz Diaz’s goal resulted from a “significant human error.”

Liverpool’s Response

Liverpool responded by asserting that the incident had compromised “sporting integrity” and demanded the release of the audio recording of the conversation between Hooper and England regarding the incident, a request that has not yet been fulfilled.

Exploring All Options

Liverpool has also indicated that they will explore all available options to arrive at a suitable resolution to this matter.

Multiple Apologies by PGMOL

This marks the second public apology made by PGMOL this season, the first being related to the decision not to award Wolves a late penalty in their match against Manchester United, where Andre Onana collided with Sasa Kalajdzic.

Carragher’s Concerns

The recent apologies add to a list of high-profile errors from the previous season, prompting criticism from various quarters. Former Liverpool player and football pundit, Jamie Carragher, expressed his concern, stating, “I don’t think the feeling about VAR has been lower. It’s at a crisis point.”

Unprecedented Mistakes

Carragher emphasized that he did not want to target the officials or engage in conspiracy theories, but the magnitude of the mistakes, like the one involving Luis Diaz’s goal, is indeed unprecedented and has raised significant questions about the state of VAR in football.

In Conclusion

Darren England’s journey from local games to the Premier League and international competitions is impressive. He’s a great example for young referees. With each game he referees, he earns more respect and continues to shine in the world of football officiating.

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