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Saint West

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are the parents of Saint West. Although he is just a newborn, he is already more well-known than most of us and is the centre of attention for people worldwide. But, of course, his parents aren’t the only ones who adore him; social media and other media also wait impatiently for news and updates on this famous youngster. Being a celebrity’s child is guaranteed to make you the topic of the town even before you are born. And Saint is no exception. Saint has been in the news ever since his mother revealed that she was expecting him till the day he was born.  

Saint has received more attention than most individuals in their lifetime. Whether for his given name, first walk, or even his first laugh. North, the big sister, reportedly isn’t a huge Saints fan. Mamma Kim first dismissed the hostility as usual sibling rivalry. Kim has several siblings and sisters, so it probably wasn’t surprising to see her two children not get along. But what has surprised many is that what was dismissed as a phase most youngsters go through hasn’t subsided. North has yet to warm up to Saint, about two years old.  

Saint West Lifestyle

She deliberately excludes him from the game and prefers to play “ladies only” games with her mother. Maybe she doesn’t like to share the spotlight with baby number 2 with her parents and the rest of the world. There are rumours that a third West protégé will join the illustrious family in the coming months, so let’s hope North gets over this fast. Kim’s pregnancy has not been without its challenges. After Saint’s birth, she was advised not to become pregnant again because both of her children produced a variety of problems while still in the womb. Saint’s nine months in the womb almost cost his mother her life. So it seems sensible that the West used a surrogate to carry their third child instead of handling the incubation themselves.

When Kim was pregnant with her son, she had placental accrete. It occurs when the placenta does not leave the mother’s body properly after delivery. The mother’s condition may be deadly! Saint had to be turned around while still in the womb, which, according to his mother, was more agonizing than giving birth. Yikes. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West welcomed Saint West into the world on December 5, 2015, in Los Angeles, California, USA. North West, his older sister, is three years older than he is. Twenty days before his birth date, Saint was born prematurely. Kayne West, the father of Saint, is a well-known and renowned rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and businessman. Kim Kardashian, the mother of Saint, is an American reality television personality, socialite, actor, entrepreneur, and model.

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Personal Life

Saint West has only recently learned how to walk and speak. However, many details about his personal life are available because of his famous parents. The activities of the child have been routinely updated for their followers by Kim and Kayne. When Saint was only a few hours born, his older sister held his tiny little hand and gave the world its first glimpse of him. A month after his birth, Kim published his first picture and a homage to her father a few days later. Since then, several images of Saint West—alone and in groups with his older sister and his parents, grandparents, cousins, and aunts—have circulated in print and online media.

Some difficulties come with being a star child. People have expressed comments and judgments on Saint since Kim revealed she was pregnant. So some of the couple’s detractors continued to call him a scourge on humanity and other terrible things. Even after it announced his name on social media and the app (Kim Kardashian’s app), many people refused to recognize that it was the parents’ decision and instead ridiculed it.

Saint West Children’s

Children of Kim and Kanye do not receive a babysitter via Kathy Griffin is yours! Although the comedian used to be a harsh critic of the well-known family, she now appears to be warming up to them. And that is possible because of the lovely offspring the siblings seem so intent on creating. Recently, Saint West and her mother, Maggie, even stepped in to help with childcare, and of course, Grandma Kris made sure it documented the experience on Instagram. If something doesn’t receive a few hundred thousand shares and likes, it doesn’t matter in the world of the Kardashian.   

Kanye West insisted that his future children would never be in the spotlight of Keeping up with the Kardashians even before Kimye started having children. He strongly opposed his children appearing on the program for a good reason. Yes, he and the kids occasionally make brief appearances. But they do not go about their daily lives with cameras trained on them. He has relaxed his standards regarding his children, sometimes enjoying the limelight, even though he only acted as a protective father. It is very much a given if you are the offspring of this power couple. Kim has stated publicly that Kanye oversees all child-related scenes before they are broadcast.


The Kardashian family has just reached a new accomplishment. Kim embodies how affluent her dynasty is by dressing in a way reminiscent of the late Jackie Kennedy. North responded when asked what she enjoyed most about having a younger sibling: “Giving him toy trucks, and I gave him a large toy bear.” You can’t help but wonder whether she already has a complex due to this. So few young children get to be on the cover of a glitzy magazine with their renowned mother.  


North West dislikes having cameras thrust in her face, even though her mother is the reigning selfie queen. The paparazzi swarmed her area after they saw her. And her family leave the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles to grab pictures. The young child did not have it. Kim continued encouraging her to return to the car while laughing it off. Saint West has a history of ordering the paparazzi to go when she doesn’t want her photo taken and treating them like a boss ever since. She doesn’t appear to be feeling very inherited.

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