Scottsdale Engagement Rings—Which Metal is Right for You?
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Scottsdale Engagement Rings—Which Metal is Right for You?

Some women dream about what their engagement ring will look like starting when they
are very young while others don’t think about an engagement ring until they have to
start shopping for one. Either way there are many things to be considering as an
engagement ring is chosen.

Here will be a quick refresher on the types of metals you will have to choose from. It
may be one of the simpler decisions you need to make but the metal you choose will be
the base of the most important ring you will ever wear.
Gold is the classic, timeless choice in metals when it comes to engagement rings. But
gold isn’t just gold. There are different varieties of gold with different alloys mixed in
that will change the color slightly. You may feel confused a bit as you need to talk about
gold purity while thinking about the different alloys mixed in.

Gold purity is measured in karats with 24 karats indicating pure gold. The problem with
pure gold is that it is very soft so it is not appropriate for jewelry. It would not hold up for
very long. The alloys are important since, when they are mixed in with the gold, they
will help make the gold “harder” and more durable. For rings that are going to be worn
every day 14 and 18 karat gold is used as it will hold up to daily wear and tear.

White gold is created when pure gold is combined with palladium and silver or nickel,
copper, and zinc. It is not unusual to find that white gold pieces have rhodium plating
on them to improve strength and increase whiteness. White gold offers coloring much
like platinum at a lower price.

Yellow gold is the other traditional gold color. It has nickel and silver added to increase
its durability. The metals add subtle hints of color which adds to the piece’s beauty.

Rose gold is an old color of gold that has recently enjoyed a renewed popularity. The
reddish color of the gold is due to copper being added. The more copper, the deeper
the red color. For many women the red hues of rose gold will set nicely against their
natural skin tone. You might feel that rose gold is just a passing fad, but my great
grandmother’s wedding band was rose gold, and it is still beautiful to this day.

Platinum offers a soft white hue that will beautifully complement and boost the sparkle
of the gemstones, especially diamonds. Platinum is rarer than gold so it makes your
jewelry pieces more valuable, and more expensive, so it may be out of reach for a first
engagement ring. Keep it in mind as years go by and you decide to update and
upgrade your wedding ring. You will have a better chance of affording the expense of
platinum when you are more financially stable.
Platinum does scratch, especially when worn daily. This changes the finish which will
become less lustrous. Some people like the surface that develops while others choose
to have their ring polished intermittently. While scratches to a surface would usually
signal wearing down of an item, platinum actually strengthens as it is scratched.

Every once in a while a man or woman may want a titanium wedding band. This is
chosen for its ability to withstand heavy duty wear and tear. They are routinely plain
and simple but could be dressed up for special occasions with anniversary bands or ring
guards. Or the person may decide to have 2 different ringsone for daily work wear
and a second one for evenings out.

Sterling silver is a frequent choice for engagement rings because of its affordability.
Sterling silver can tarnish quickly and it scratches easily so it is not necessarily the best
choice for someone who works with their hands daily. For most people a sterling silver
ring will last their lifetime but for others they may need to consider getting another ring
later in life when finances would allow because of significant wear on the silver. Sterling
silver usually requires more frequent polishing than other metals to keep your ring

Buying an engagement ring is a wonderful experience that marks the beginning of a
lifetime of love shared between two people. There will be many more decisions to make
on the road to a perfect engagement ring but deciding on the metal you prefer is a start.

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