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Understanding The Benefits and Techniques Of Muscle Recovery

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Muscle Recovery

Working out can be tiring for your muscles, especially if you are training for an upcoming competition. However, there are many methods you can do to help those tired muscles. Some require equipment and others can just use your body weight. Moreover, there is more to muscle recovery than jumping in a cold shower or stretching your muscles at the end of a workout. It also includes your diet. 

Many people who go to the gym don’t understand the benefits of muscle recovery and it is easy to understand why. People believe post-workout recovery exercises are a waste of time after your workout and aren’t worth it. However, muscle recovery is essential for achieving your fitness goals. 

In this guide, we will teach different methods of muscle recovery as well as why it is important for achieving your fitness goals. 

Methods Of Muscle Recovery

Understanding why muscle recovery after a workout is essential, however, the different methods and techniques are also important. Let’s look at the methods with and without equipment to help your muscles recover and keep you performing to your best. 

With Equipment

Many different types of equipment can be used to soothe your muscles after a workout. Although you don’t require equipment, they can be highly beneficial in staying in the best physical condition. 

Massage Guns

Massage guns are one of the best pieces of equipment to use after a workout. Furthermore, they are relatively affordable for what you are getting. Plus, they are portable as they do not require to be plugged in. All you have to do is ensure that your massage gun is fully charged. 

There are many positives to using a massage gym which is why they are so popular amongst gym-goers. Firstly, they improve your blood circulation. It helps the oxygen be pumped around your body which carries essential nutrients to help your muscles recover. Not only will this help your muscles recover but it will help reduce inflammation. 

Massage guns are believed to help with your flexibility as the improved circulation can help reduce muscle tension. The final positive to massage guns is that they can help reduce DOMs temporarily after a workout.

Ice Baths

Ice baths are slightly more expensive than a massage gun. Nevertheless, they are something that professional athletes use to help with their muscle recovery. However, they are not new to muscle recovery. Technically ice baths have been around for several years except now we have equipment for it instead of using our traditional bathtubs.

Again, despite the fantastic shock factor from ice baths, they are one of the best methods of muscle recovery out there. Similar to massage guns, they ease the aching muscles you have damaged during your workout. Additionally, due to the decrease in body temperature, it can also help with inflammation. 

Without Equipment

We understand that not everybody can afford ice baths and massage guns. Moreover, you won’t want to buy this equipment because you don’t work out enough to get its use. If that is you, we have some of the best methods of muscle recovery without equipment.


Stretching is one of the oldest solutions to aching muscles there is. It has been around for several years as it is a great way to relax those muscles after a workout. It is also known as a cooldown.

A cooldown is a way to relax those muscles gently. If you stop working out, you’re not giving your muscles a chance to cool down. Therefore, this can cause your muscles to feel even more sore(DOMs) than usual. 

We advise you to spend around 15 minutes stretching your muscles before and after your workout. It will benefit you a lot more post-workout rather than feeling dealing with the aching muscles even more. If you don’t believe us, spend one week working out but before each workout, stretch the muscles you will use. After the workout, stretch the same muscle which you have used. Commit to the same workout method the following week and don’t stretch your muscles. You will feel the difference then.


Sleep is essential and is an underestimated recovery method for your aching muscles. Especially for those who like to work out in the evening. There is science behind it as well to support this method. When you sleep, your body releases growth hormones from your pituitary gland. It is required for your muscles to support the repair and build process of your damaged muscles. 

Food That Carries Nutritional Value

Food is another method to help post-workout. You might think it goes without saying but people leave consuming food longer than three hours after a workout because they don’t understand the benefits of it. 

Ensure you have consumed enough protein and carbohydrates after your workout to ensure you provide your body with the fuel to help with the recovery process. That includes water because you must replace the fluids you sweated during your workout.

To Conclude

These muscle recovery methods are essential for your body after your workout. If you don’t, you will start to feel fatigued. It will then have a knock-on effect on your next workout. To perform to your absolute best, you need to consume the right foods before and after your workout and consume enough fluid during your exercises whilst wearing your best gym set. Have a solid post-workout method to help those muscles recover. 

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