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What is an Huge titan? Titan size discussed by Rod Reiss AOT

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Huge titans

The Huge Titan is a character in the anime and manga series Attack on Titan (AOT). It is also known as “colossal titan.” The massive titan, one of the nine titans, serves as the primary enemy of the first trilogy of Assault on Titan. It is well recognized for its large size and total control over steam discharge.

The gigantic giant controls blast and lets off steam from its entire body during change. For some reason, the massive giant first appeared in 845. The Strengths and Features of a Huge or Massive Titan. The huge behemoth has incredible abilities and characteristics. Let’s look at each of them separately.

Steamy Smell

As was already said, the gigantic titan has full control over the amount of steam that can be produced by its titan form. Most Titans usually have steam coming out of their wounds. After receiving a fatal blow, their bodies vaporize and turn into steam. The enormous Titan could generate as much steam as it could to frighten people away from its nape.

The enormous Titan harnesses the steam’s energy for a variety of purposes. The strain and intensity resulting from producing a significant amount of steam will first burn and drive away anyone near the massive Titan that is not tightly set in place.

However, if they are attached to that person, the heat will sear them, leaving them at the Colossal the Titan’s mercy.

In fact, the Titan suffers from overusing its might. It might, for instance, reduce the amount of muscle until the structure of the skeleton is more apparent.

Under some circumstances, the Huge Titan possessed the power to instantly vanish the entirety of it. The user somehow transforms into invariably weak and lacks any ways of avoiding falling from a huge height where the Titan once stood. The user can get around this problem by using an omni-directional circle (ODM gear). The outfit allows for exceptional mobility when fighting the Titan.

A good example is the period right after the Huge Titan arrived in Trost. To eject Jaeger from its neck, it released a tremendous amount of steam.

A powerful transformation

What do you know about explosive transformation? Although the Huge Titans has advanced, all titans generate a lot of power and steam. To put it another way, it may plan the energy generated during transformation to produce a range of results.

For instance, when Bertholdt faced Trost after changing, a breeze blew. The detonation caused some cadets to fall over the wall.

However, Bertholdt produced enough energy during the conflict at Shiganshina District to be comparable to a little nuclear weapon. The energy ignited the surroundings and destroyed a portion of the district. The Scout Regiment lost several of its officers in combat.

In addition, a sizable mushrooms, debris, and dust were formed during the transition. At Liberio, Arielt virtually wiped out the whole Marleyan marine fleet using his explosive mutation. The action produced energy waves, which also negatively impacted the port.


Massive Titans are known for their incredible size. It is lofty enough to view over the sixty-meter-tall top of the Walls. Its molecular weight enables it to possess a tremendous amount of physical strength. The fact that its bulk make its motions more steady, however, is the crucial issue. In other words, it moves along pretty slowly.

The wall that surrounds Maria’s outer gate can, however, be destroyed by the Huge Titan’s strong kicks. The power of the Walls Mary’s to throw enormous constructions into the air allowed Eren Yeager to fly off its highest point.

Then what? The size of the Giant Titan’s arms is not on par with the size of the remaining portion of its skeleton. This shows that the creature’s upper extremity is tougher than its lower body in this case.

Armin changes into the Huge Titan, and with its massive size and strength, he destroys the Marleyan ships with a single stamp.

How did Rod Reiss acquire his massive titan form?

Rod Reiss is also known as “Lord Reiss.” He was the Walls’ ruler between the years of 845 and 850. In actuality, Rod’s main goal was to return a stolen Titan to his family. He planned to achieve this by ensuring his own child (Historia) devoured Eren Yeager.

I am a person. Rod was a little man in his Historia persona. But his black hair was shorter than Historia’s. Rod was also a little overweight.

Rod consistently dressed like a powerful person. Of course he was. He would wear dress slacks, a white shirts with a chest zipper, and dress shoes. All of his attire often has a black and white color palette. It may occasionally only be white.

Nevertheless, Rod dresses in a shirt, some slacks, and a big coat for Big ceremonies and family get-togethers.


Rod strikes me as a calm, collected person. He often has a concerned and slightly dejected countenance, though. Rod is an intelligent, well-informed man. By describing how his brother Uri and his daughter Frieda gained and lost the Founding Titan, he made it abundantly evident.

When he was with Ackerman, who the Historia, and Eren, Rod maintained his composure. He behaved excellently, even when Ackerman grabbed him around the throat and tried to slit him.

But when Historia smashed the serum, Rod became irrational and unpredictable. He sobbed uncontrollably as he licked the serum off the floor after the syringe exploded into fragments.

How do I transform into a massive titan form?

Rod can become a Huge Titan in a number of different ways. Additionally, it might combine different components. Rod had ingested the medication, as was described earlier.

Nevertheless, do you know? The serum was specifically made for Historia. Rod drank it up off the ground as opposed to putting it into his veins. We recognize that he didn’t take the entire amount recommended. Nevertheless, he continues to be a vital member of the Royal Family. It suggests that he even had a slight fondness for the odd or weird Titans.

Aberrant Titans are said to be born into the world in a unique fashion, according to They didn’t consume enough Titan serum, allowing them to emerge. The aberrant Titans display distinguishing characteristics as opposed to typical characteristics.

For example, Rod probably didn’t properly ingest the serum. He evolved into a distinct species of Titan, bigger and more deformed than other Titan varieties.

Rod was quite popular because of his gigantic stature. His physique does not look like how it would be when in human form, save from his muscular build, that is what many Titans have. Reiss became one of the largest Titans in history after growing to an altitude of 120 meters in height. Therefore, he was twice as big as the tallest Titan, who has a height of sixty meters.

Reiss was noted for having a skeletal structure that was easily visible. He has no face because the friction of the earth distorted the top of his skull. But if Rod stopped dragging his head down the floor, his face could come back.

Rod’s body had an odd pattern and shape that resembled a worm. He can stretch and shrink like a worm with his torso.

Similar to the Huge Titan, who moved more slowly and produced a lot of heat due to his large size. It was hard to approach them without getting burned because of the intense heat that he was emitting.

Titan Shifters Rod received a massive amount of titan serum. The story makes it quite clear that the potion has the capacity to turn Historia into a formidable giant.

We inquire as to which titans are the most powerful.

They are the shifters. As it stands, if they are unconscious, they might grow into pure titans. They are unable to transform into the Huge Titan, though. Sticking with titan types below sixty meters, in Rod’s opinion, was a bad choice. So, we believe he transformed into the one-of-a-kind Huge Titan in order to accomplish that.

What led Rod Reiss to achieve Huge Titan status?

Most people would assume that Reiss’ drinking was to blame. But let’s have another look at it. First things first: it’s doubtful that’s how he took the serum in. Instead, it’s what Reiss consumed. The most potent Titan serum was consumed by him.

Another element was the plot’s emphasis on the fundamental ideas of willpower, ambition, and goals. Reiss probably had an intense desire to change into a form that would help him accomplish his goals. He did, however, actually develop into a Titan as a consequence of his determination, becoming stronger both mentally and physically.

We all know that Reiss is an integral part of the Royal Family. In this case, they have some influence over the Ymir people.

In our opinion, the royal members who aren’t part of the Founding Titan have a strong connection to the Ymirs & the other elders. Thus, Rod may have persuaded them to put him in a position of power and influence.


Huge titan
Orc cartoon character isolated illustration

Reiss took a liquid solution and his body grew. The normal titans are humans who took the standard titan serum. In this manner, they grow to an average size. Simply put, if you consume the titan serum, you might possess and gain certain skills and abilities. Given that it was a distinct breed, the Huge Titan became less well recognized than Reiss. He became so mature to achieve his objectives since he was adamant about doing so at whatever costs.

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