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More than one million active2 customers are using the service in the United Kingdom. According to Clearpay, a subsidiary of the pioneer in instalment payments Afterpay Limited Group (ASX: APT). With users transacting more than eight times inside the first year as opposed to the U.S.’s six times throughout its first year. The U.K. was beating the U.S. when it was at the same lifecycle stage. After only one year after its U.K. launch, Clear pay has reached these milestones. And they are making it one of the European market’s fastest-growing e-commerce payment providers.

Leading retailers in the United Kingdom continue to use the payment platform offered by Clearpay. Elemis, Bare Minerals, ISAWITFIRST, Apricot, Size, Koibird, and Sana Jardin are just a few recently introduced brands. They add to the already diverse portfolio of companies, including ASOS, M&S, and J.D.


With Clearpay, retailers may offer customers the option to acquire things immediately. And pay for them over a short period in four easy instalments. Customers who pay on time receive a free service that encourages responsible financial spending without accruing fees, interest, or prolonged or revolving debt. In addition, debit cards are used to complete more than 95% of its orders.

By making it available, retailers provide customers more freedom and purchasing power, lowering friction during the transaction and eventually increasing sales and attracting new clients to their company.

How does Clearpay Buy Now?

Using a buy now, pay later model, Clear pay operates. You don’t pay the total price when you purchase goods or services through their affiliates. Instead, establish a payment schedule with Clearpay for each “plan” and pay for your purchases in instalments.

A short-term loan contract between you and its governs each plan. Additionally, each program enables four biweekly payments for your purchase of goods. It holds for each “plan” that you create using Clear pay. Cleary sets a spending cap when you first open an account. Spending restrictions rise if you make all of your payments on time. It implies that you can process multiple orders simultaneously.

ClearPay Installment Missed

Cleary asserts that they are “dedicated” to seeing that you adhere to a payments schedule. Otherwise, if they have to pursue you for payment or late fees, they lose money! Each time you use it, an evaluation of your capacity to repay a plan is made. To that end, they will get in touch with you right away if you miss a payment. Additionally, once you pay them back, you can use it to make additional transactions. You have until 11:59 p.m. the following day to pay the debt.

An extra £6 late fee is if you don’t pay within seven days. Total late fees come to £12 in this case. Late fines at Clearpay are limited. They won’t exceed 25% of the total cost of the item you bought using their BNPL program. It is because Clear pay views it as an “incentive” to get you to adhere to a repayment plan!

Missed Payment Impact My Credit Score

Cleary will contact you as soon as you are past due. There are alternative ways for you to pay. Additionally, you can create a new repayment schedule for unpaid sums and late fees. Cleary may submit your information to a debt collection company if you cannot make the payments or pay the late fines. A debt collector will contact you to retrieve all unpaid debts.

According to research, two-fifths of individuals are unaware that a buy now, pay later plan may affect their credit score. It applies to Clearpay when an instalment or payment is completely missed. Future lenders would be aware of the “default” because it may remain on your credit report for six years. It will impact your ability to obtain credit. It applies to applications for credit cards, loans, and even mortgages.

Payment Missed

Follow a schedule and make an effort to pay your Clear pay bills on time. Contact their support staff as soon as possible if you have financial difficulties. It should respect any notification you get concerning a missing payment. The issue is persistent. If you do, things can get considerably worse.

Avoid having Clear pay share your information with a debt-collecting company. It would help if you stopped things before they became urgent. The secret to successfully handling a delayed payment is communication. When using a Clearpay buy now pay later option, you should settle any unpaid balances on schedule. Much support is available when you have financial difficulties and cannot keep your commitments.

The debt dangers of BNPL schemes

The study highlighted some of the dangers that BNPL programmes pose to customers who are unaccustomed to borrowing or choose to spread out repayments. For instance, more than half of consumers claimed that using BNPL had increased their personal debt levels, and two-fifths acknowledged that they had spent more money than they typically would while using it.

One in five respondents to the study believed that the terms and conditions of the offer were not accurately displayed, and more than half of those who responded said they would not have purchased the item if they had known that BNPL was the default payment option.

What do the BNPL providers say?

More than a third (35%) would opt to use BNPL as opposed to 15% who would prefer a credit card. The growth of companies like Klarna, Clearpay, and Laybuy in recent years, which show up as a payment option at online checkouts in shops for fashion merchants, has sparked worries about trapping young people in debt.

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