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As of April 2019, there are 250 million users of Pinterest. Pinterest UK is only a tiny portion of the audience that can buy platforms like Facebook (2.3 billion users), YouTube (1.9 billion), or Instagram (1 billion). Some marketers believe Pinterest isn’t worthwhile because of its size. However, fewer users mean less rivalry. Because of this, it is much simpler for your messages to stand out on Pinterest than on other platforms—primarily if they. The audience on Pinterest is likewise quite distinctive. The social networking site claims its platform does an excellent job of serving American women, especially millennials and moms.

You might not be familiar with the platform-specific terminology and features used by Pinterest. Pins when users save content they find on the internet or Pinterest. Each pin has a link that connects it to the source. Linking your website to your Pinterest post can result in a lot of referral traffic. Boards: Boards make it easier for Pinterest UK users to organize their pins. After saving it, the user can specify which committee they want to pin a brooch too. You can create boards with your Pinterest business account with tones of intriguing pinnable visuals and images.

Create an account

Create a business Pinterest UK account first to access features like follower analytics, advertising, and other services geared for businesses. You may also turn an existing Pinterest account into a corporate account to access these services. It will request your business’s basic details during this first account creation step. And also, mention the category it belongs to and the URL of your website. (The final action is optional.

Finish Your Profile

You need to add some information to your profile now that the framework is in place. You’ll be able to fill in the blanks after you locate your Pinterest account settings. The most outstanding image to use for your profile is a photo of your company’s logo. It will display Pinterest next to your profile and next to any pins users save from your website or Pinterest boards. A picture should be 165 by 165 pixels in size.

Username: While using the same username as your company name is ideal, it’s conceivable that another individual or company has already registered that name. It’s crucial to choose a short and distinctive username for your Pinterest account because it will appear in the link.

Add your social media and website Link.

Consumers may be already pinning materials from your website or other social media pages! It would help if you verified that you are the website’s owner to learn more. To comply with Pinterest’s request, you must copy and paste some text into your website’s index page’s HTML.

Pinterest UK provides this excellent tool if you need assistance claiming your website and pasting the text. You can start seeing what others have pinned from your website once the platform confirms that you have done this. These pins will also have your Pinterest username and logo next to them. Pinterest is a significant first step in expanding your Pinterest audience. Additionally, you can claim your profiles on YouTube, Etsy, and Instagram to increase the impact.

Create your Pin and Board

You’ll be pinning a visual asset, such as a video, graphic, or picture. Drag and drop files here or click the blank area to upload straight from your computer or device. The platform advises that photographs be of a high standard, saved in the.jpg format. And Pic must be no larger than 32 MB. They recommend using.mp4 files under 2 GB for videos. You can do this to save content from external websites.

You can do this to save content from external websites (including your own). Enter the URL, and Pinterest will search that page for any images or videos that may be present. After that, you can select the content asset of your choice. Title: Your pin title may contain up to 100 characters. But only the first 30 characters will be in pinners’ feeds before being truncated. It’s better to keep it within 30 characters or to start with the most crucial details. Emoji are another valuable tool because they take up one character yet convey a lot to viewers.

A pin’s description is limited to 500 characters, with sufficient room to describe the item you are pinning. Once more, though, Pinterest will cut off the report after a predetermined number of characters. So a pinner must click “See more” to view the remainder. Make those opening few phrases matter, then!

Boost your Business

Businesses and online retailers can use this uptick to sell their goods and services. You can quickly expand your clientele as a marketing strategy. Many companies report consistent monthly earnings, putting a face to a name, and giving customers more information they love to know. The pinning images of staff can also help clients connect with the people who work at the business.


You now have every resource required to start promoting your Pinterest account and generating revenue! Making the switch to a Pinterest for Business profile is an opportunity you won’t want to miss, given the platform’s 200 million+ users. It’s the ideal setting for showcasing your company, brand, and goods to a market that is interested and has plenty of purchasing power. Thanks to this article’s ideas and advice. You’re already taking the necessary actions to create a stunning Pinterest UK account that appeals to your target audience.

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