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You may be shocked to learn how much time the typical office worker spends sitting in their chair. They would sit for around 1900 hours a year at an average of 40 hours weekly. A significant percentage of a person’s life is spent sitting in an office desk chairs when you consider the typical number of years an individual works.

Your spine and hip bones are placed under a lot of strain when you sit for a long time, the pressure your body isn’t able to withstand. Other joints may also be strained due to your posture and workstation placement, which may further prevent proper blood flow to your limbs and back.

Numerous ergonomic studies have shown that a comfortable workplace chair may boost output and efficiency. Leg difficulties, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back pain may all be brought on by an uncomfortable office chair, resulting in missed work time.

Despite these facts, a desk is sometimes more expensive than a chair.

Let’s assume I successfully persuaded you to pay closer attention to your chair. Which chair is ideal? Should you purchase the priciest items? No universally applicable “best” chair exists, and there is no good reason to spend the most money. Here are the five criteria to consider while selecting an office chair.

Bench Height

What to think about: The seat height should be adjustable to allow you to sit with your thighs parallel to the floor and your feet on the ground. Your forearms should parallel the desktop as you write or type while seated at a workplace.

Why it matters: An excessively high chair might push on your leg just below the knee, limiting circulation. When you sit on a chair that is too low, your knees may be higher than your hips, which can strain your lower back and hip bones.


What to think about: The backrest should include the height and angle adjustments to accommodate the curvature of your spine and enable you to recline. If there is a headrest, it should support your head at the base and be adjustable.

Why it’s significant: A chair that can recline and adjust to support the spine relieves strain on the hip bones and spine while enabling you to access your work comfortably. The pressure on the eyes, arms, and shoulders may be lessened by reclining.

Back Support

What to think about: A high-quality, adjustable lumbar support will enable you to regulate the lumbar support’s position. When correctly set, the lumbar support will match the curve of your spine, and your back will rest pleasantly on the backrest. Our Sora Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Task Chair is superb with this functionality.

Why it’s significant: An ergonomic chair’s most important feature is lower back support. Office employees are far more likely to get lower back discomfort if their lumbar region isn’t adequately supported. Lack of adequate lower back support in a chair may lead to slouching, which can flatten the spine’s curvature over time. On the other hand, good lumbar support aids in boosting the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, keeping employees awake and focused.

Seat Height

What to think about: To account for the length of your legs, the chair seat should be movable forward and backward. You should still have about two to three inches of space between the heart of the chair and the back of your knees when your back is resting securely on the backrest.

Why it matters: If the chair seat is too lengthy for your legs, you will be forced to either sit forward and lose the backrest’s support or sit with your knees pressed up against the seat, which will reduce blood flow in your legs.


What to look for: Good armrests must be able to swivel and adjust the height. Your armrests should enable you to rest your arms on the desktop comfortably and the armrests themselves. To prevent your shoulders from hunching, armrests should be set such that they are not higher than your elbows while your arms are down.

Why it’s significant: Repositionable and pivotable armrests provide more support while working. When you need to move closer to your workstation, you may also drive them out of the way. As an example, consider the Loover Ergonomic Mesh Conference Chair.

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